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 Canal Docking

Docking procedures at the Sandpiper Cove Canal Marina.  You must have a reservation to dock.  You can make a reservation for a boat slip up to one year in advance of your stay.  There are also docking fees to support the facility.  To use the canal docks your boat must meet certain minimum requirements, so it is important that you read the canal rules carefully.  You will need proof that you are staying at Sandpiper, which I will provide.  To view the canal docking rules, and make a reservation, follow the link below.

Condo 1033 is on the North side of the Canal. 

All of the slips on the north side of the canal are convenient.  Slips 9-16 are the closest and in view of the condo.

If you are renting Condo 1033 you will need to store your boat trailer off property.  Below is a link to a site that I maintain for the property.  It has a list of trailer storage  facilities and everything else that you will need to know to bring your boat to Sandpiper Cove.  

Experience Boating in Destin

The Sandpiper Cove Canal is a very protected part of Destin Harbor.  The buildings provide shelter from the wind and the water remains calm even during tropical storms.  The canal is located on the eastern portion of Destin Harbor.  Boats moored in the canal can navigate The Harbor, The Bay, The Gulf of Mexico, Crab Island, and to many local beaches.